About Us


Who are we

Mathilda and Marlon, a couple of passionate former top boxers had a vision: to spread their love for boxing with people in their French community. They opened their own structure under the name “Marlon Boxing”, where they began offering boxing classes, strength training and wellness programs for people of all levels. Over time, more and more people were coming to their gym to relieve their stress and release the pressure after exhausting working days.

Our Concept

They came up with the idea of offering corporate Boxing/fitness classes. They realized that office workers were often sedentary and needed an active break to improve their mental and physical health.  they started offering boxing programs tailored to the specific needs of companies. 

They quickly became very successful among companies of all sizes. The success of the classes came from the both fun and challenging sessions, allowing participants to blow off steam while learning new skills.

Thanks to their expertise and passion for boxing, they quickly gained an excellent reputation in the corporate community. They began working with companies in the communications and marketing industry, real estate and consulting firms. 

The couple continued to grow and innovate, adding new programs to meet the needs of their clients and help employees achieve an optimal work-life balance.

Our Team

Today, Mind and Body Coaching is based in Dubai and is made of a team of experienced and passionate coaches and wellness professionals. They are proud and happy to share their love for sport and wellness with employees of all companies.

Our Mission

To impulse a dynamic of well-being at the heart of companies. We help companies create a healthy, friendly and collaborative work environment that reflects their culture and values.

Our Values