Mind & Body Coaching

Level up your leadership


Mind & Body Coaching

Level up your leadership

Mind and Body Coaching experience

MBC is a challenging program that helps busy leaders to perform through physical and mental wellbeing.
Our methodology, based on boxing and professional coachings, aims to develop the leader’s strengths and efficiency.

What does the program include ? 


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  • N°1 recommanded sport by leaders
  • Flexible 1-1 boxing sessions
  • Adapted trainings that tackle leaders’ soft skills issues 
  • 100% personalized program
  • Leisure boxing, no fighting
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    • Flexible 1-1 online coaching sessions
    • Professional and life coaching, no therapy
    • Tackle main issues that prevent the leaders from achieving his goals



    “MBC gives discipline to the strong-minded, strength to the frail and confidence to the shy”. (Anthony J., entrepreneur)

    You need a personal or a corporate offer?
    MBC will suggest you the most suitable solution to keep the wellbeing at the heart of your performance.   


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